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❤️A part of the MH/EAH fandom ❤️

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Nice surprise getting this early ❤️

My little haul today ❤️

Finally found another DOTD Lagoona and the Cleo ❤️❤️

Also signature Draculaura and OUAZ Rapunzel were in Argos ❤️

So guys and ghouls - I’m making the move…

This will now be my Monster High, Ever After High, Disney etc blog - basically the stuff I collect and the fandoms I am a part of.

So so so soooo for y’all that are interested and totes amazeballs - y’all can follow my primary/main blog @ (temporary URL whilst I code things etc - I’ll add a redirect page if it’s to change)

- where I’ll be reblogging all the personal stuff and anything and everything else!

Love y’all loads and loads xo

Came in from work to find these from my sister - I think she’s after something…

Amazon have totally redeemed themselves this morning for sending all dolls the day after I ordered them, all with amazing paint jobs and expertly packed!

After they sent me tennis balls instead of Lizzie last time, I was so hesitant to order from them again but yay ❤️



From Monster High’s official Japanese site!


I’m so basically the Clawdeen of this love pyramid thing going on.

Too busy with the material things to bother with stupid things like love ;)


Monster High - Rainbow

Yay ❤️

Now to wait for the DPD van with my Gigi and Catty ❤️

ayeeee I love your url~

Ta, boo xo